Monday, 1 November 2010

My OOB list

I thought I should perhaps include an OOB, so that we can see what progress is being made, what still remains to be completed and how insane I really am.
As my old German teacher at University used to say; 'what gets measured, gets done.' In her case, that usually translated to lots of tests, however, in this case, it is my own visual motivational method.

So I have found two differing lists of battalion strengths for the 8th Brigade. The first for before the morning of Quatre Bras and one covering the both QB and Waterloo.

The first:

This gives the pre QB strength for each battalion which is quite reasonable and is backed up by the figures in the second source:

However, this also has for some battalions a second value, which in my naivety, I am assuming are the strengths of the same regiments after QB but before Waterloo. Now, this could be incorrect, however I have decided that this second set of numbers will be the strength I model in my project.

Assuming too that the Light and Grenadier Coys have a larger compliment of troops (comparatively) than the centre Coy counterparts, I am assuming an:

average of 54 men per Centre Company for the 28th Foot (Light: 60, Grenadier: 56)
average of 48 men per Centre Company for the 32nd Foot (Light 60, Grenadier: 59).
average of 39 men per Centre Company for the 79th Foot (Light 65, Grenadier 65)
average of 69 men per Company of the 95th Rifles (Only 6 Companies)

So far:

28th Foot - 0 Painted
32nd Foot -  45 Painted (unassembled)
79th Foot - 0 Painted
95th Rifles - 20 Painted (8 wip)

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