Saturday, 6 November 2010

95th coming along

The move has been finalised and I'm now packing like mad, however, the figures and paints are going to be the last thing I pack. When I have had enough of boxing, I turn to painting... ahh therapy.
So, while slow progress, it is still progress and here are the results of this week's endeavours.

These are the buglers and officers for the 95th.

These are some of the riflemen along side them.

Here too are the finished officer, sergeant and drummer of the 32nd

And finally, the company in it's semi complete state. About 40 more to make a full coy.

All in all, not too shabby on the progress front. More 95th are on their way from Perry and once they're completed, I'll move onto the final five men for the 32nd, then I think I'll have to pack up until I've moved house.

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