Saturday, 9 October 2010

just a roundup of things done so far.

Well, I have finished the first half company (30 men) of the 2nd Coy, 32nd Foot. Yes, I know they're headless, armless and not based properly yet, but heads and arms are painted, they're just awaiting assembly, which won't happen until I've finished moving house (they're easier to pack and transport in their unassembled state).

Also, the 95th's skirmish line has been kleared and they're just awaiting basing. But, as the last pic was a bit blurry, here is a probably equally blurry pic (I really do need a new camera).

Next up are the drummer, NCOs, Lieutenants and Captain of the 2nd Coy, 32nd Foot. Then, once they are finished, I shall make a start on the Camerons.

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