Monday, 27 September 2010

The ranks swell

Well, the Grand Prix provided me with enough enforced sit down and paint time, that I've finished off another 10 of the 32nd Foot. Their arms and heads are all painted too, but I have not gotten around to assembling them yet. So, here is a progress shot, sans appendages.

looking more like a unit, the first of the 32nd
Also, I started to assemble the two riflemen from 1/95th and while they're looking good, they're still pretty 'armless. (I promise, I'm allowing myself only one bad pun per post)

95th but no rifles
 More to come as I get it done.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

The ubiquitous 95th make an apperance

You didn't think you could come to a Napoleonics blog and not see the 95th Rifles, did you? The 8th Brigade had a battalion of the 95th and as such, I will be painting them too. And as I'd had enough of red and grey, I decided to paint up two of the skirmishers from Perry's box as a distraction.

Looking Sharpe sharp in their green uniforms

The heads and arms are painted but I've not yet assembled them, as the backpacks still need some work. Probably will be completed during the Singaporean Grand Prix tomorrow, all being well.


I've spent a very productive afternoon watching (well, listening) to the Grand Prix and getting the 2nd squad (showing my ignorance here, were groups of 10 referred to as squads back in 1815? Probably not), all but finished. The legs are finished and highlighted, but the tunic has only received its base coat.

2nd bunch on the production line
Note one man still in his old Peninsula white trousers. I added it in for detail, just to break the monotony of painting grey. Probably not accurate, but show me a primary source that says it didn't happen and I'll paint over it with battleship grey immediately. :)

Wednesday, 22 September 2010


My latest order from Maelstrom arrived this morning with due fanfare from the low grumbling tones of the postman's diesel engine.
I continue to be highly impressed by Maelstrom Games' service and speed of delivery. Anyway, advert over, here are the new additions:

Latest additions to the ranks

So, the centre coy box will hopefully flesh out the Perry ranks for the first coy of the 32nd and the highlanders will form the bulk of the first coy of the 79th Foot (Camerons). I'm actually really looking forward to starting the highlanders, but first I will force myself to get the 32nd painted up. Oh and also there you can see 2 mounted highland colonels and a foot pioneer, just in case you thought I had a metal aversion. I am an equal opportunities wargamer. ;)

And yes, your eyes don't deceive you, that is a box of Perry French. (Just a little distraction, should the red get too monotonous).

Right, back to it.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

First troops

I have finally gotten around to taking a picture of the first of my infantry for the 8th Brigade. These will be part of a centre company of the 32nd Foot.

The first of the 32nd Foot - missing vital parts of their anatomy

These are just the first of many, many more, the second wave is due to arrive via post soon from Maelstrom. A lot of red paint to be spilled in action before I'm finished.


You may, gentle reader, have noticed a theme developing on my blogs.

The lack of content, and yes, you would be right to point it out, were you not the generous souls I know you are. However, that said, there is a reason, but I shall not bore you with paltry excuses and instead promise an update of note, soon (he says confidently).

Until then, thank you for your interest and pop back again when I have more to offer.